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Do you wish to explore New Zealand in a budget friendly manner? Then making your way around in a campervan is the best way to see the vast and varied countrysides of New Zealand. Every year, thousands of tourists and locals hire campervans for sight seeing as it is cost effective, convenient and offers you freedom to discover New Zealand’s beauty at your own ease.

We, at Leisure Shed, offer used campervans for sale in NZ. These used campervans are serviced and well maintained. Buying a campervan only for a few months might seem daunting to you, but our prices are sure to lure you into buying one. You will be amazed at the amount you will be able to save on your travel!

Great Range of High-quality Used Caravans for Sale in Auckland

If you do not want to drive the campervan all around with you, you may consider buying a used caravan which can be towed with your own vehicle. A caravan is great for people looking to save the inconvenience of having to drive a large vehicle through busy towns and congested lawns, not to mention the trouble of looking for a parking space.

At Leisure Shed, we have a wide range of supreme quality used caravans for sale. If you are looking to enjoy a sense of freedom while exploring New Zealand, there is nothing better than buying a used caravan for your next trip. While choosing a caravan, you have to keep many factors in mind. What is your budget? How long are you planning to be on the road? How many people are travelling? Can you drive it along your vehicle?

Once you have an answer to all these questions, you have to look for a dealer whom you can trust with the purchase. There has to be no hidden costs, the caravan has to be in good condition and the dealer should offer a 100% guaranteed buy back agreement.

Used Caravans Sold Wholesale Direct To Public

We sell used caravans at wholesale prices directly to the public! We are 100% Kiwi owned. Our small & friendly team makes your caravan buying experience a breeze with no nasty cost surprises. We have a variety of used campervans for sale in NZ at the moment. All of these are serviced and well maintained. Our pricing is ultra-competitive in the marketplace so please ensure you call us to confirm availability prior to viewing.

So look no further for used campervans for sale in NZ and give us a call TODAY!



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